About Me

Hello All! I’m Kelsey and I attend the University of Mary Washington. I transferred here after spending my first year at the University of Rhode Island, which I consider my sort of study abroad moment without actually going abroad. Before college, I was born and raised on the Eastern Shore of Virginia, in Melfa. When I was eleven, my family moved to the Outer Banks of North Carolina, settling in Kitty Hawk. Right before my freshman year of high school, we moved again, this time to Mechanicsville, Virginia. All that moving around taught me to be adaptable and helped shape my personality.

I am majoring in history, and am unsure of my career options. I’m considering going back to the University of Rhode Island to obtain my graduate degree in History and Archaeology, with the focus being early American history, and underwater archaeology.¬†Other than history, some of my interests include cross-stitching, reading, knitting, writing, and many others. I am particularly interested in women’s history, and have written several papers about midwifery and similar subjects. For my interest in that, I owe a debt of gratitude to Dr. Andrea Rusnock, for first introducing me to the revolutionary world of medical history, which continues to fascinate me.

I am a fun-loving person who can almost always be seen smiling. I would consider myself a people person. I am optimistic and enthusiastic, both for myself and for others. I love to laugh and I’m not above making a few bad historical jokes, although I can buckle down and get focused as well. My dream job would be to be a historian or teacher who revolutionizes the world of history, by reintroducing history as a new and exciting subject.

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